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All sammiches come with
your choice of sauce,
pickle and onion.


*Papa Ernie's Pulled Pork....4.99
The best smoked hand-pulled pork ever!
*Pig Sammich....5.49
Our pulled pork topped with
our delicious creamy slaw.
*Junior's Snoot Pieces....5.99
Full snoot chopped into pieces.


*Aunt Effie's Pulled Chicken...4.99
We smoke it & pull it. MMM!
*Keith's Buffalo Pulled Chicken...4.99
Smoked and covered in our
homemade buffalo sauce. It's tasty!


*Big Joe's Beef Brisket...6.99
1/2 pound of bbq'd sliced brisket.


*BIG JUMBO Pork Steak~.....11.99
*Papa Sewell's Pork Snoot.....5.99
*Ripley's Rib Tips.....7.99
We weigh our tips so you get a full pound of
tender tips from the grill.
*Chuck's Snoot/Tip combo.....7.99
*Full snoot (1/2 pound) or snoot

pieces and 1/2 lb smokey rib tips.
Uncle Bob's Best Ever *Spare Ribs
                          Half Slab....9.99 Full slab....17.99                           

Create your plate! All items al a carte so you can choose what you'd like.


*mayo potato salad
*sweet creamy slaw
*corn casserole
*fried okra w/ ranch
*side salad
*french fries
*"pull my finger" baked beans
All side items 1.99


*TayTay's Special House Salad*

 Try our delicious homemade sweet vinaigrette dressing on top of fresh lettuce,
tomato, cucumbers, yellow & white shredded cheese,
bacon, green onion and croutons.
It's a work of art....large with cornbread 4.99
                           ....smaller house salad 2.99

*Paco's Taco  Salad*

Large bed of lettuce topped with pulled chipotle chicken, cheddar cheese, tomato,
green onion, sour cream & tortilla chips.
 Southwest vinaigrette or ranch on the side.
Delicioso! Comes with cornbread.....7.99

Pulled Pork Salad.....6.79 
*Laura Lynn's
Pulled Chicken Salad......6.79
Choose your sauce too!!